Sinovuyolethu Trading is a South African Consulting, Skills Development and Management office that is active in
the Agricultural sector and other related sectors. In each of these sector Sinovuyolethu Trading carries out
identification and feasibility studies, Provides Technical Assistance, Manages, Supervises and Assesses Development Projects and programmers, undertakers- Audits, and Trains people.


Regarding the Skills Development and Consultation, Sinovuyolethu Trading offers 15 years of hands-on experience
providing remote or on-site specialized troubleshooting and technical and Industrial consulting services in
Agricultural, Forestry & Fisheries, Educational Practices, Clothing Processing Manufacturing, Furniture making,
Environmental Awareness, Municipality, Governance training, Banking, Hospitality, Businesses, and entrepreneurs


  • Develop under - or unutilized redistributed farmland to its full potential
  • Ensure skills development and capacity-building to allow local community members to manage their own entities.
  • Assist graduate with employment This helps to make the government land redistribution programme more successful.
  • Assists in the agricultural production capacity of the country and creates employment opportunities for numerous community members. In addition the projects provide an opportunity for diploma graduates to gain experience as part of their diploma courses.

Selbie Goerge Mashabane has extensive experience across agricultural sector as trainer, technical advisor, agribusiness development, data collection and projects management. He has a diploma from Lowveld Agricultural College as well as completing an Entrepreneurial & Management Development Programme with University of Stellenbosch, and Training on Technologies of Tropical Fruit and Vegetable for Developing Countries with Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences.


Sinovuyolethu Trading strives towards optimally satisfying the needs of our
clients by means of multidisciplinary expertise, professional service
provision and the application of best practices. Rather than employing a full-time staff, with the associated direct and overhead costs


Sinovuyolethu Trading assembles project-specific teams that bring together the exact expertise our clients need.
Sinovuyoletfu Trading is therefore committed to the provision of innovative, quality solutions to enable our clients to achieve their objectives


Our team of experts personally handle every detail for you, from determining what system would work for you to the final installation and  service care . Our consultative approach helps us learn everything we can about your business goals and priories so we can design the system that’s best for your company and employees.

Our mandate is to help keep your business running smoothly with or down me. We work with leading industries
like manufacturing, production, training in order to provide you the energy you need and the brands you can trust


We are passionate about the success of our customers and consumers.


We value our stakeholders. and  we are proud of what we do.
We are committed to excellence, value people and the environment


Our approach is centered on meeting the requirements of our
clients through building a partnership with them.

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