Sinovuyolethu Trading is a South African Consulting, Skills Development and Management office that is active in
the Agricultural sector and other related sectors. In each of these sector Sinovuyolethu Trading carries out
identification and feasibility studies, Provides Technical Assistance, Manages, Supervises and Assesses Development Projects and programmers, undertakers- Audits, and Trains people.


We are proud to be a respected Consulting company during these years in Training (Skills Development and
Learnerships, Mentorship, Coaching, Project Management, Assessing Projects and Doing Feasibility studies and Provider Technical Support. Below is a glimpse at one of our flagship projects that Sinovuyolethu Trading is specializing in, as well as one of our prized projects Sinovuyolethu primary focused on and the main objective is client satisfaction.


In the Project Management Consultation, Sinovuyolethu Trading provides rigorous management and control of the entire design, engineering, procurement and construction process of agricultural projects and provides its clients with enhanced flexibility and security for managing change during the project life cycle.

General Service Department 

The Skills development at Sinovuyolethu Trading has developed skill-based training modules with the aid of
Skills for all on essential enterprise topics, which can be used for workers, SMME and manage training courses.
In the Cooperave development, Sinovuyolethu Trading to assist Cooperative Development Program (CDP) in
public and Private sector. The focus of the project, “Enterprise Cooperative Transion & governance,” is to assist
local cooperatives to enter markets on a competitive to uplift the local economy

Key Factors

Sinovuyolethu Trading provides rigorous skills developments, Mentorship, infrastructure developments and
project management. 

Future expansion to:

  • Construcon industry.
  • Logiscs and supply chain management.
  • Agricultural Agent.
  • Other Seta’s

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